Dear mesa carriers, lovers of Pachamama, and seekers of truth and goodness....
At a time when eclipses and hurricanes dominate the landscape of our lives, one can't help but dive inside to call forth the internal fiery sun,  remembering times of darkening, as well as our own relationship to passionate storms juxtaposed with seas of calm and tranquility.  In other words, it reinforces the wisdom that

           As below, so above
           As above, so below
           As within, so without
           As without so within
           As the circle, so the self
           As the self, so the circle.
           And so it is....

That awareness can spark individual fearlessness to impact change, beauty, transformation, and service to our communities where we live as need arises, and to the growth of our own souls as insight emerges.   We are the arbiters of our own hearts and minds.

Attached here you will find a compendium of writings and shared stories of members of our community.  They show depth of commitment and caring, community activities, and personal accomplishments in the name of teaching, healing, wisdom and service.  Mostly they show the diversity, gifts and growth of human beings on a path of stewardship and sacred relationship.   "Ordinary" people with extraordinary hearts.

Read and breathe in.  Consider joining with like-minded practitioners of earth-honoring rituals later in September.  Reach out and tell your own story in later volumes,   Pick up a good book and take in the medicine offered there.  And perhaps commit this week to a specific act of loving kindness for a neighbor, or someone you simply encounter "out in the world."   Step by step we calm the waters, within and without.

Found below is one of the latest updates from the Red Cross, describing the devastation left behind as Hurricane Harvey made its way across our good earth....Rolling up our sleeves, a community will heal its wounds and rebuild.  Let's hold them in our meditations and in our actions, as possible.

We all need love, to be seen and held.....May we be mirrors of all that's good, steadying and wholesome and walk a path of beauty with this miraculous being called Pachamama.

The Qollasuyu Council

2017 Newsletter

NEWSLETTER February 2015

As winter expresses dominant weather patterns, and is perhaps in the 
waning throws of forcing us into a hibernating state (and finding this to be 
exacerbated by the prevalence of cold, flu and fatigue symptoms among us), 
the Qollasuyu Council would like to share thoughts on community, and the 
value of telling our stories.  Please find in the attached pages, tales of
 past adventures, and opportunities in front of us for creation of new explorations. 

As we continue to reach out, change form, choose new patterns, and circle 
around our shared love of Pachamama, let's enjoy the ride, even as we demonstrate 
compassion, attention to bringing shadow to light, and willing engagement in service 
to the whole. 

May divine light fill your day...   

Urpichay sonqo 

Ann Coco,  Jenny Felder, Robin Harman, Janet Harvey, Kathy Jernigan, Bonnie Knezo, Rebecca Myers, Bruce Pemberton, Lindsey Williams,

February 2015 Newsletter
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