Awesome Weekend!

Reconnecting with Nature, Spirit and Play

The Mountain, Highlands, North Carolina
These September Qollasuyu gatherings are really special.   They are an opportunity to deepen your connection with, and learn from, your fellow mesa carriers and the unseen world.   Last year I tried to convince a number of people to come but since there was no specific shamanic teacher leading it, they decided to miss it.   Later, when they heard of the teachings, healings and experiences I'd had, they regretted not coming.   Don’t let that be you this year.   You never know what you might miss.   

Last year, we were taught how to make an ayni despacho for the water and a transition despacho when someone dies.    Less than 4 months later, I was making and burning one with my family after my father’s funeral.   It was such an incredible experience and an opportunity to share shamanic ceremony with my family.   We were all deeply touched by the experience and sat telling stories of my father and singing songs into the evening by the fire after the despacho had burned.   I wouldn’t have had this experience had I missed the Qollasuyu Sept. Gathering.    

Come and be part of the community as it moves forward and takes you along for the ride!   
- Ann Coco