The Trees Have Spoken

due to all we know about Covid 19 and have yet to experience 
and in accordance with the Wisdom of the Ancient Mallki
who have spoken, 
we understand this is not the time to gather.
For your health and ours, we are postponing this event until a more propitious time.
In the meantime we will be sponsoring online events and other ways to connect.

The Voices of Trees
 It begins with but a whisper in the ear, a stirring of the soul, or so it seems. It exists as a call to listening, a listening with ones being, a calling forth of super-sensory perception often laid dormant by adulthood, busy-ness, and human activity. 

When will you stop to hear the trees? 

Among indigenous people, tree Beings are highly honored emissaries of wisdom and aliveness: The Mallkikuna. Their roots penetrate the soulful ground of our Mother, and their intertwined branches stretch upward to receive Creator’s gift of transformative Light. . . All achieved while exhaling the oxygen needed for our human lungs, and life on this planet. The awe-inspiring presence of trees places them among the most revered expressions of the natural world. Their model of life links Heaven and Earth, and generously sources shelter, food, beauty and provision to all of Pachamama’s children. 

Robin Harman has apprenticed since 1993 in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition with don Oscar Miro-Quesada, building upon experience as a meditation therapy facilitator, as well as through in-depth consciousness training with other revered teachers. With degrees in music, religion and the arts, Robin‘s commitment to infusing an essence of Spirit into unwavering Service to Pachamama colors all that she does. A creative sense of play, gratitude, wonder and humor are her watchwords. 


It was amazing!


Rituals of Divination and Healing
with Mateo Magee

September 13-15, 2019
The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center
Highlands, North Carolina
A Return to a time, a place, a community of Re-Membering for
Pachakuti Mesa Carriers and Practitioners of Earth Honoring Traditions